Body Slimming

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Radio Frequency

It generates the organic heat energy in the deep skin resulting in improving function of cells, promoting blood and lymph circulation, removing cellulite, dissolving fat, and regenerating skin through Ion rotation, distortion and collision movement.

Perfect Light Therapy

An infrared and perfect body combination evolves on the concept of five element and accupressure theory allowing remedy of body ailment through the ease flow of the main body organ.


This drainage program activate lymph flow and circulation to help to detoxify your body of accumulated toxins and water retention. You will feel healthier and your skin will become clearer and healthier with internal and external ‘cleansing’.


CAVITALIPO is a new technology revolution for cellulite treatment, which is based on the principle of cavitation, that operates on adispose accumulation, breaking them and permitting loose fats reabsorption by lymphatic system.

Cellu M6

The first medical device cleared by the FDA (USA) for the treatment of cellulite and body contouring. The only technique to treat Men and Women localized trapped fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Body Shaping Solution

The Body Shaping Solution therapy includes massaging specialized creams into the skin using Meridian massage technique. These function by forming on extra layer of skin on top of the regular skin. The therapy works with FAR Infrared blanket to make the body burn fat by forming a resistance to sweating and then making the body sweat.


The New Era of Wellness & Beauty “Activates Cells, Restore Vitality”

Made in Korea

Treatment of Cold
Activate Cells
Eliminate Stress
Stops Joint Pain

Radio Frequency Therary

Therma-G Plus Body Reshaping

The high-frequency energy that has been converted into the biothermal energy increases the tissue temperature and helps the expansion of the cells of the tissues, promote activation of the cellulation and improvement effectiveness of Lymph Drainage.