Breast Care, Body Scrub & Body Wrap

Rose Wrap

A salt scrub kit containing pure essential oils gives your skin a deep exfoliating cleanse leaving it feeling refreshed, ENRICHED and lightly moisturized.

Bust Firming Massage

Helps to strengthen the web of tissue, giving your skin renewed elasticity and tone and helping prevent stretch marks.

Busy Firming Treatment

Reinforced and toned the breasts curve.

Bust Firming Massage

Firming and contouring.

Ginger Scrub

Detoxifies, rejuvenates and gives skin a naturally smooth, soft and clear looking complexion • Helps relieve flatulence • Strengthens body immunity • Recharges the system and removes wind from the body • Boosts blood circulation • Possesses antiseptic values • Helps to stimulate sluggish digestive system

Ginger Wrap

Helps to draw excessive wind out from the body, relieves muscle aches, stimulate blood circulation and leaves a heating sensation on the skin.

Body Wrap

Detoxifying • Whitening • Removes of dead cells • Skin Smoothing

Body Scrub

Removing of dead skin cells. • Leaving skin soft and shiny.