Facial Treatments

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Specialised Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

A facial treatment individualized to the client’s skin care concerns. Includes a skin analysis, deep cleansing, peeling, warm steam, extraction, relaxing hand, face and shoulder massage and finally a customized Contour Masque and moisturizer application.

Deep Pores Cleansing

Decongesting and healing treatment. Highly recommended for oily or congested skin with a tendency to break out. A variety of enzymes are used with steam to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the skin on preparing for the extractions followed by an absorbing masque. Your skin will be left looking clear and feeling refreshed.

Rehydrating Treatment

A super hydrating facial that combines customized professional serum and Thermo-ColdPress to deliver hydration to the skin. Healthy glow and visible reduction of fine lines can be see instantly.

Calming Treatment

Even the most environmentally sensitive skin will benefit from this treatment. This treatment will increase the skin’s immune tolerance and health, working to reduce inflammation and irritation with our super calming Oatmeal Masque. Skin will be supple and smooth with regained comfort and clarity.

Advance Retexturing

Ideal for Oily skin. The therapist will create an exfoliation treatment customized to your skin’s needs, revealing remarkable results after just one treatment. Dermalogica’s purifying Skin Exfoliation System will gently smoothen the skin with their revolutionary blends of hydroxyl acids and enzymes thoroughly removes dull surface debris and stimulating cell renewal.


Keep Young Easy Return 瞬间逆转肌龄

Non Surgical Treatment

Lifting Firming 提升紧致
Lift Up Eye
Reduce Wrinkles 减淡法令纹
Close Fine Pores 收紧毛孔

Intensive Facial Treatment

Derma Glow

Combination of the latest Electroporation technology and Dermalogica’s breakthrough AgeSmart Formulation enables you to restore and regain youthful, radiant skin without surgery.

Derma White

A combination of two technology that enables you to restore and regain youthful andradiant skin without any use of needle. Derma White treatment is ideal for the treatment of aging skin, skin irregularities, pigmentation blackhead congestion and rough skin.

Light Energy

A non-invasive pain-free skin treatment utilizing the combination of heat and light energy. When light is introduced onto the skin, it is converted into heat energy to reactwith any skin problem by the use of different light colors.

Photo Rejuvenating Treatment

A unique combination of LIGHT and HEAT, it gently treats pigmented and vascular lesions,fine lines and other manifestations of aging skin.

Slim Light 6.9

This treatment method combines with LLLT technology and LED technology. Endodermic massage is the innovative solution for: bags on the eye, scars and acne scars, premature aging, reducing wrinkles, physical stress, relaxing action

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

To animate the self-recovery system of skin, in which balancing the serection of grease, shrinking thepores and whitening the skin tone, bringing the skin to the glamorous condition!

Platinum Diamond Facial

Restores the elasticity and richness of the skin. Enhances cell regeneration. Locks in moisture to keep skin moist and smooth. Anti-Bacteria and anti-inflammatory effect.

Ultrasound Treatment

This treatment is intended to aid penetration of custom serum while stimulating circulation and promoting healthy collagen. It is particularly effective in treating the following skin conditions: Acne & Scar, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sensitive Skin, Vascular Lesions.

Acne Photo Therapy

With light heat energy technology it helps to optimize the oxygen effect, which quickly destroys the bacteria (p.acnes) that breeds in the follicles while it gently opens the pores to release the clog and soothe the inflammation.

Therma G Plus Neck

Providing deep heat penetration, this machine expands blood vessels, which in turn promotes cell vitalization, enhance collagen syntheses, optimize circulation.

Slimjet Facial

This therapy is design to result in extra firming and smoother skin. Effective by promoting blood circulation and lymph circulation which results in tissue regeneration, and achieve luminous and younger looking skin by regenerating tissue through collagen and elastin growth stimulation.


The Process

24K Golden Ion is a moisturizer, well being and radiant agent for vitalizing skin’s structure and skin’s metabolism. It will keep you protected against rough skin, skin pore, coloration, freckles,eye circles, eye bags, pimples or various dermatitis problems

Add On

Eye Treatment

This unique hydrating treatment relaxes and deep moisturizes the eye with a warm wax massage. A great way to nourish, replenish dry skin and helps diminish dark circles; to soften and tone even the most relaxed skin.

..with Contour Masque

Start with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation followed by an eye massage, this increases circulation and helps to diminish dark circles. A hydrating, calming cool masque helps to eliminate puffiness and reduces fine lines.

Therma G-Chest

Reduce wrinkles & regenerate skin texture.

Platinum Diamond Facial

Restores the elasticity and richness of the skin. Enhances cell regeneration. Locks in moisture to keep skin moist and smooth. Anti-Bacteria and anti-inflammatory effect.

Cryojet Eye

Cryo-Mesotherapy can effectively activitate tissues and lighten fine lines.

Cryojet Chest

Enhances the skin by activating tissues to deal uneven skin tone, fine lines and slacken skin on the chest.


Cryo – Mesotherapy Without Needle Injection

– 3 times more effective than lontophoresis
– Freezing from the skin surface to deep down the epithelial cells.
– Recovery ability enhances by shrinking and expanding blood vessels efficiently.